How Your Home Insurance Will Protect You When You Review a Bad Contractor


If you hired a contractor to do your work, and they’re not up to task, you may feel like you need to take action, and one of those steps is to write a review. You may imagine yourself writing a scathing review, saying the contractor scammed you. Your goal may be to put them on top of a bad contractor list for all time, and you’re going to give them a piece of your mind.

Take a breather. If a contractor did do a bad job, it’s important for you to give them a negative review. However, don’t exaggerate what happened.

You Could Get Sued

We live in a sue-happy country, and libel, which is untrue statements that are written down, is a common form of lawsuit. While libel is hard to win, it’s still a court battle you don’t want to deal with. To prevent libel, make sure you have a rock-solid case for your review. A few things you can do include:

  • Upload photos and other forms of evidence in your review. Conversations, billing statements, and anything else you can. The more evidence you have, the less likely someone is going to take you to court.
  • Don’t write the review right away if you’re mad. Take a few days to calm down, then write it with a calm head.
  • Never lie or stretch the truth. For instance, if the contractor left a small hole in your wall, don’t say they “literally destroyed my house.” Stick to the facts.

Can Insurance Protect Me?

Since most of the interactions with the contractor can take place in the home, you may wonder if homeowner’s insurance can protect you. On default, it usually won’t, but there are a couple of ways to ensure that insurance can protect you.

Personal Injury Endorsement

Your homeowners policy should have this endorsement. It can help prevent against being sued for slander and libel.

With that said, the slander and libel has to be unintentional. This means that if you make a statement on-site, you need to make sure everything is truthful. While intent is hard to prove in a libel case, make sure you’re protected.

Umbrella Policy

Another way to make sure you’re safe is to take out this thing called an umbrella policy. You have to buy it after the personal injury endorsement.

An umbrella policy liability plan is quite useful. Not only is it good for protecting yourself against a libel suit but it can help with other financial parts of your life as well, such as the defense costs, protecting you against wrongful imprisonment, and more.

Make Sure Your Contractor is Honest

Hiring an honest contractor is always important if you want to prevent this mess in the first place. A good contractor will try to make it right after they get a sour review, not try to sue. Do your homework and hire a contractor who excels.



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