Is your contractor ignoring Your phone calls?


Some contractors are known to slowly phase out their clients, eventually ignoring them altogether if they feel they have nothing else to gain from the job (i.e. money). If this has happened to you, then at this point in your relationship with your contractor, it’s probably safe to say that he thinks of you as a nuisance, so you’d be lucky to get him to answer a single text message let alone speak to you on the phone. Nonetheless, you have been screwed over by a bad contractor. You may feel there was something incomplete about the job, or something done in the job not to your liking that you felt the need to complain about.

Even worse, there are some contractors will deliberately leave their voice message inbox full so that they can no longer receive voice mails. This is their way of covering their tracks in the event that you take the matter to a higher authority. But don’t worry about this tactic. Sending a text message will document your complaint. Note the time stamp on the text, because the contractor may or may not respond to it. If you are prefer a more formal tack, a certified letter to the company’s official mailing address will at least guarantee that your complaint was lodged and received. In the letter, you will want to address the contractor’s poor response time. Make sure you communicate that the job is incomplete or improperly executed.

If complaints in writing don’t generate the desired visit to complete your job, you may feel obligated to find a way to broadcast the contractor’s poor service to a wider audience. The law allows you to make written complaints against service providers in the public realm. Outside of the internet, you can post signs in the neighborhood conveying your dissatisfaction with the contractor, naming names of course. Remember to keep it civil. This isn’t a chance to vent every emotion you have; just hit the main points about poor service and unprofessional behavior. The contractor will most likely not return to complete the job, but you can rest assured knowing that you have acted to notify the general public of his negligence effectively and within the bounds of the law.


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