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Posted on : 11-02-2020 Paid him $850 to repair subfloor in bathroom and lay tile (I bought mosaic tile.). He did not match up the subfloor wood evenly with the correct width of wood that was not damaged. there is a 1/8" margin, tile is uneven, wavy, and does not connect with the balance of tile installed. He marked it was a 3' x 3' area surrounding the commode. It was actually 27" x 28". He did not put grout around the side wall or back wall behind the commode. He did not remove grout from hardwood floors in hallway and other bedroom. Now, you cannot remove the grout. He returned to clean tile 3 days later; now grout settled like cement over hardwood floors. He said he would put clorox on the hardwood floors if he had to. I said I did not want clorox on hardwood floors. He wanted $600 additional to tile the rest of the very small bathroom. I requested that he refund $400 due to the damages he did. He refused. It will cost more than that to buy tile again, hire another contractor to lift up tile and subfloor, and remove grout from hallway and bedroom. He is not listed as having a PA license on their website. I believe he is a "bad contractor." and needs to be placed on the list for others to see. Attached are several photos of the bathroom tile work and hardwood floors that have grout over them. Josh Teska did not match up the new wood with the old wood, leaving about a 1/8" margin. He claimed it was 3' x 3'. It was actually 27" x 28". He did not put grout around the back of the commode or the side. He was supposed to arrive on a Monday, but made an excuse and arrived on a Tuesday. Then he was supposed to return to clean up, but made another excuse and returned 2 days later. If you don't clean off the grout, it gets like cement and you cannot remove it. He was paid $850 and wanted $600 more to complete the small bathroom. I did not pay him $600 more. I bought the mosaic tile, which cost over $200. In addition, I found bathroom tile in the sink drain. This could have clogged the drain. Josh Teska likes to toot his own horn, but words in your mouth, and believe me he is a liar. I am so disgusted with his work. There is an edge around it, and one could trip on it if stepped in the wrong way. I am a senior citizen on fixed ss. He sarcastically said he would not want to have an elderly woman get on her knees. Believe me, I have been on my knees trying to remove grout 7x, and I could not. I believe he operates in PA. His phone is out of state, and I don't know where he was before.