The Carpet Cleaner Who Destroyed my Floor


Brooklyn, Maryland



Posted on : 07-02-2019 I had found out about Carpet Cleaning Fanatics from a friend of mine who had hired them to clean her carpet. She spoke about how great of a job they did, so I hired them to clean the rug in my living room area. ItÂ’s a fairly big rug spanning 200 x 200 cm, so I was happy to put the job of cleaning it into someone elseÂ’s hands. They came, tore the rug off the carpet, and left. What they left in their wake was a complete disaster. My carpet was one of those that was glued to my wooden floors. I later found out from a real expert that they had to use a special remover to take it off the floor without damaging it. When they ripped it off, patches and idents of the carpet were stuck to my wooden floors. IÂ’m never going to hire these people again; they messed up my floor! I had to spend three days trying out different chemical solutions to fix it. Thankfully, it did come off properly, but it was still a hassle.