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Posted on : 13-04-2019 If I can give this company -10 stars I would. This is the worst most unprofessional company to deal with so please do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY!!!! Installation of the wall was OK. Even though over the phone they said the wall would touch the ceiling but when they got here they said it has to be 12 inches away due to my building restrictions. Fine. Done. Two years later we wanted the wall down. It's suppose to be a complementary service if done within 2 years and with 30 day notice. Great. Except when they showed up, 2 hours late, it was only ONE guy who looked like he was 17 years old. ONE 17 YEAR OLD TO TAKE DOWN AN ENTIRE WALL. I am talking about 20 feet long and 12 feet high. HUGE. How does a company send one guy to do the entire job? The poor Man was struggling. He didn't even have a ladder and borrowed one of OUR chairs to step on to take down the top screws. It was so unprofessional. We paid GOOD money for this wall and the least we should have gotten is a professional company to take down this wall hassle free as promised with ENOUGH workers. This was a job for maybe 3 but definitely at least 2 people. There's no way ONE small man can get this done on his own. He looked like he was gonna faint. It's dangerous for the employee and the customer. This is not how a business is run. To make matters way worse he leaned all the dry wall against a shelf we had in the living room. The shelf FELL DOWN ON 4 girls. Luckily one of my roommates put her leg up and held it in place before it hit my friend on the head. If it did, her head would have split right open no question about it. Extremely dangerous. So move the shelf and there are still some pieces of the dry wall leaning against boxes. THEY FALL ON MY ROOMMATE AND LEAVE A HUGE SCRATCH DOWN HER BACK. She's in so much pain she starts crying!!! It was literally a nightmare. There were pieces of dry wall everywhere. Our floors were damages and our walls. It was the biggest most dangerous mess I've ever seen in my life. Absolutely unacceptable. We called he dry wall company and told them what happened. My roommate was VERY upset. Instead of an apology she was told that she's "acting like a child" and being "nasty". He was YELLING at us. As if this is our fault. Are you kidding?? Then she was hung up on. Finally Eddie called me back and asked me what happens and he was at least nice about it. He seemed concerned. But after what? It was too late at this point. Damage was already done. We're going to be filing a police report and definitely talking to someone about this.