Bailed out on work, no communication

Estevan Total Landscape




tempe, az

Phone Number:

(602) 463-9244



Posted on : 24-09-2020 The owner, Estevan, bailed out on the landscaping of my property, did not respond to my phone calls or messages, and let the property landscape go bad. I would pay him via credit card everytime he came, and he confirmed he got the last payment. However after I called many times he said he never got and that is why he stopped coming. The reason I thought it was paid was because he said in a text \"I got the payment\" without put \"did not\". He does not speak english well. So I sent it to him right away as he said as soon as he gets it he will start again. After I sent the payment he stopped respond. I told him I will report him to Arizona consumers complaint and he called me finally, explaining he is undocumented and does not have license. I told him if he wants to do business here in America he has got to communicate and respect customers. He decided he does not want to continue as he does not believe in these values. Do not use him, he has no problems not responding to customers if he does not feel like it, and will let your property landscape go bad.