‘Rotting from the inside:’ Fast-growing Philly developer accused of defective building

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This time, it’s not a specific bad contractor scam artist who is a part of the ever-growing bad contractor list, but rather, an entire company.

Streamline, a Philadelphia-based contractor company, has been under fire for what many people find to be unethical practices. One woman, Megan Murray, had some water in her basement. Streamline, who sold her the house, made a few repairs but didn’t fix it. The flooding grew worse and damaged the house, and it was discovered Streamline didn’t put a backflow preventer in the plumbing.

Now that her one-year warranty is up, Streamline refuses to fix it. This does seem to be a famous con-artist practice, where the real problems begin as soon as the warranty is up. Many people have accused Streamline of doing a bad job. The company itself seems to be the epitome of contractor fraud and should be put on a bad contractor list. Unless you want a contractor bad job, avoid this compnay.


Read more: https://whyy.org/articles/rotting-from-the-inside-fast-growing-philly-developer-accused-of-defective-building/


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